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- Mary Lou Cook

 Divine Appeal to the Rescue:

Just this past April of 2010, I began a short journey of planning my wedding in 4 months time. I know, nuts! I worked deligently with all the major and minor details but I forgot one factor... Who will be in charge the weekend of the wedding since I had another major role to play as the BRIDE :-)

At the very last minute, we hired Divine Appeal to supervise and execute the event. I must say, Keena was a true lifesaver and such a great attribute to our day. I worried about nothing and had the best day of my life.

Needless to say, Divine Appeal is a true jem and I am so very grateful to the company.

Brittish Burke

 The quality of service we received from DivineAppeal was second to none. We were very pleased with the coordination, decorations, and excellent service they provided for our party last summer. Our party was a complete success thanks to DivineAppeal!
Their level of expertise and experience certainly added a unique flair that left our guests speechless.  We highly recommend DivineAppeal to all our family and friends.

Thank you for a job well done!

Brinson Family


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